Schedule a brief meeting with one of our
welcome reps to view actual welcome package. they can provide guidance and insight into how others within your industry have utilized our services. In that meeting, we can access your needs, make recommendations and provide you with a custom rate quote based upon your level of participation.

We are not a "one size fits all" service. We offer maximum flexibility based on a multi-tiered program capability that is easily adaptable to a variety of business types and market needs . You can reach a –  handful or hundreds – of families every month.

We even offer exclusive representation in selected industries and territories. Don't let the competition grab your spot in Orange County's Official Welcome Package! Call today and start reaching newcomers as early as next month.

• High readership per household without costly  repetitive advertising
• First Chance at First Impression
• Branding and  Image
• Long Shelf-Life

• New Customers

Resident Turn-Over:
• Up to 20% of your customers can be lost annually due  to relocation.
• Replace them with new homeowners who just relocated  to
​your area.
• Newcomers are eager to turn their new residence into their  HOME. They have a long list of needs — Welcome Express  targets these newcomers during their initial 6 to 12 month  "prime buy time."

Spending & Loyalty Patterns:
• High level of excitement, optimism, and momentum towards  personalizing their home and finding new local services to  replace those left behind.

• Less affected than regular 

consumers by economic factors.         Within the first 6 months of their move they expect to spend and DO spend significantly more than other consumers.
• Less price sensitivity during the "settling in" process.

• The cliché, "only one chance to make a first impression" certainly applies to the newcomer, who is busy forming impressions and developing new habits in their new surroundings. Those businesses which serve them well from the start will be rewarded with long term loyalty. 
• Why spend your entire budget doing repeat advertising to an established base in an effort to rise above the noise of your competition? Remember, newcomers are not yet someone else’s customer – but they don’t know where you are or what you do until you tell them.

Zone Coverage Gift Cards

Using information you provide, we prepare a personalized advertising message about your business and why it’s special. Your gift card is then inserted into our Welcome Express gift packet  to customized zones that YOU choose to target - arriving in a newcomer's mailbox shortly after their move in. Your gift offer gives the newcomer an incentive to visit your establishment and try your product or service before they become someone else’s customer.

​​​ welcoming newcomers to south orange county ​since 1986